Grand Opening – Polo Ralph Lauren in Kildare Village (September 2016)


Getting to attend events is one of the perks of my job. Polo Ralph Lauren are a long term client of Teamworx and we were delighted to be invited to their big grand opening of the new Polo Ralph Lauren boutique in Kildare Village on Wednesday the 28th of September. The night did not disappoint and was as extravagant as you would expect from a brand as well established and iconic as Polo Ralph Lauren.

We arrived to the stores in the lashing rain but the weather did nothing to dampen spirits as the opening was in full swing. We were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne (always a good start) and friendly smiles from the obviously delighted staff. On entering the shop the first thing I noticed despite the fact it was full to the brim with people was the bright, spacious open plan store, was already so much easier to shop than the original layout.

The evening was spent browsing the beautiful collections trying to remember payday wasn’t until tomorrow but of course I spotted an item I couldn’t leave behind (the 20% discount helped sway my mind) that and the promise of a complimentary gift  with any purchase. The store was buzzing with photographers capturing the night, the DJ keeping spirits high spinning tunes and not to mention a professional artist on site doing self portraits. The staff were extremely helpful and seemed genuinely happy to be working on such an important night, any staff member who came over to us wanted to know what we thought of the new store and had a great chat with us which was refreshing in itself.


Polo Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand and the original symbol of the modern preppy lifestyle. When Kildare Village outlet opened back in 2006 it was only right that Polo Ralph Lauren would be one of the first stores to be located there. Established over 40 years ago the company is showing no signs of slowing down and is certainly remaining a firm favourite in the ever popular Kildare Village Outlet.

Within the Outlet Polo Ralph Lauren is now spread across two stores the original store houses only menswear and women’s wear allowing the shop room to show its more sophisticated side. The second store located in the phase two part of the village is children’s clothes. This store is beautiful featuring the most adorable little outfits for your mini me’s.

All and all the evening seemed a great success everyone was looking beautiful, mingling and enjoying some of the extremely tasty canapés that there was no shortage of.  The Polo Ralph Lauren team in Kildare Village did an amazing job! All their hard work definitely paid off. We at Teamworx are excited to continue working closely with Polo Ralph Lauren in the future as we are sure the already busy store is about to become even busier.




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