Five Reasons Why Temping is the Right Career Move For You!!

When talking to candidates about temping jobs I often get the same response “I want something more permanent, will I get many hours, Hmm that’s not something I see myself doing” so so on… When hearing the word temporary we often think no what’s the point, but what we don’t realise is how beneficial temping can be for you and your CV. Temping on a CV can show the manager that you are flexible, open minded and hard working. Take a look below at more reasons why temping is a good career move for you.

Gain Experience In The Field You Are Interested In

Often people know what career they want to work in but have no experience to achieve their goal. Most companies want to hire people with experience to save them the time and the cost of training. This is where the problem lies! You need experience to get a job but can’t find anywhere to get the experience because with out experience nowhere will hire you.

Bit of a head scratcher! Well this is where temping comes in, most companies looking for temps don’t require a lot of experience and while there you will be thrown into so many different tasks and roles that you will gain buckets full to put on the CV and get you closer to that dream job!

Impress For Success

Think about it – if you are temping with a store or any company and getting on really well that company is going to want to keep you. Always treat a temping contract as a working interview. So many temps go into companies for a few weeks and leave lasting impressions which leads to them either being offered a permanent position up front or a client is calling us a few months down the line asking is Mary still available when a job opens up in the company. So give it your all!!

Control Over Your Time

Temping works brilliantly for people who want some flexibility in their job. It can work perfectly for somebody who has a side business, a parent who wants more time at home or a student who wants weekend work. With temping you can control when you are available to work. However, if you’re interested in temping it’s important that you’re open minded about different roles and that you’re flexible for the company. Don’t give up an opportunity to gain experience just because you have agreed to go shopping with your friends on Saturday!


When temping through an agency like Teamworx we will send you to various different companies giving you the opportunity to network with so many people at all different levels. This allows you to make so many connections as well as friends who can help you going forward. For example, if you are temping with a company that have no available positions but think you are excellent they will give us brilliant feedback about you which will influence us to put you forward for more permanent roles. You will also hear of more roles opening up through in the industry through temping in these companies. Think of the possibilities!!

Testing the Waters

Lastly, temping is the perfect way to see if a career is right for you. Be it retail, you might imagine your self working in a luxury boutique. You think it would be perfect for you but in reality you could not be suited and feel your skills lie in a busier high street store. By temping you can discover this by not making to big of a commitment. When you discover the right role and want to set out on a career in the retail industry… that’s where we come in!!

OK I’m Interseted, What Now??

Great, the next step is to get that CV together and send it to us! Teamworx works with all the leading retailers in Ireland including Kidare Village, Kilkenny Group, Mazi Zoo, Arnotts and loads more. Send your CV to and we will give you a call to discuss your future career.





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